Radio Evasion

For a self-produced podcast, we are collecting stories of escape. Escape in the broadest sense: concrete, material, but also interior, poetic, or individual, collective. What allows people in prison to escape?

We define imprisonment as follow: the fact of being deprived of a part of its freedom. In this sense, we consider escape as an emancipatory process.

This touches on very broad themes. How can one escape from an institution (prisons, reception centers, schools, …)? Escape from social norms and constructions (e.g. gender, class, heteronormativity), beliefs or fears? How to escape from a cult? What escapes are possible in the face of disability as a social stigma?

We are looking for people who would like to share their experiences and reflections on these questions, who have had experiences of escape and would like to tell them.

Concretely, it is like a discussion. The two of us will collect these words via an audio recording, and we will be happy to travel to wherever you are.

To participate, send us an email to, until February 28, 2022. And don’t hesitate to spread the word!

Thanks and see you soon

Laure, Jill & the projet-evasions