A letter of love

In a world deeply hostile to the individual, loving relationships are filled with subversive, revolutionary, and emancipating possibilities. The relationships we forge provide the strength we need to not only survive but to thrive, enabling us to escape, grow, evolve, and turn our bonds into an ongoing adventure. Let’s infuse our love with wildness by shattering all norms, labels, moral judgments, oppressive patterns, and authoritarian postures.

Here is a testimony, an inspiration, a way of loving among thousands.

How to Destroy the World – Ignorant Research Institute
  • My love is [queer]. In its original form, queer was an insult meaning “not straight”. Not referring to a label or identity, but rather a negation of the norms: not monogamous, not straight, not cis, and not confined within dominant categories. It opens up the vast realm of possibilities.
  • My love is [nihilistic]; it doesn’t require gender distinctions. It focuses on the individual, not on their gender identity.
  • My love is [unique] and varies for each person I care about. Any attempt to compare them would be absurd. The love I share with each person is distinct to our bond, different from others, and self-sufficient.
  • My love is [rebellious], neither monogamous nor polyamorous, disregarding the social conventions that categorize our relationships. I aim to create connections in love, not labels like “partners,” “spouses,” “lovers,” or “friends.”
  • My love is [anarchist], emancipating itself from social hierarchies that dictate the prioritization of romantic and sexual relationships over other forms of love.
  • My love separates [sex] from [intimacy] and recognizes intimacy in sharing vulnerability. Intimacy is not exclusively reserved for sexual partners, and sex can happen without intimacy.
  • My love is [free; it evolves with mutual consent wherever it suits us, regardless of societal or moral judgments.
  • My love appreciates the word [no] The most beautiful sign of freedom is when a loved one feels free to say “no.” Let’s celebrate what this “no” signifies about the relationship: freedom at its core.
  • My love is [plural]; it’s not a limited resource to be rationed to one specific person. This perspective avoids unnecessary competition.
  • My love offers [complicity], a proposition of mutual support, nurturing a dynamic of empathy and assistance in a hostile world.
  • My love [challenges] learned norms, rejecting the idea that romantic love is superior to other forms of love / or that it must be directed only to individuals of the opposite gender (assuming only two genders exist) / It doesn’t adhere to the belief that romantic love should be exclusive to one person / or that sexuality is the necessary glue in any love relationship, … and so on. The list of norms my love defies is extensive.
  • My love is [imperfect], and I sometimes falter. But each time I stumble and regain my footing, my balance becomes more resilient.
  • This is my love, and I love it.