Current financial situation

Update : 14.7.22

We currently have a balance close to 0.-

Free price

We refuse to impose a fixed price on our creations. This is for two main reasons:

  • So that the content we create is accessible to everyone, without financial barriers
  • So that our creations can circulate freely and not be transformed into a product delivered by a capitalist and commercial logic

But since we still have production and shipping costs, we use the concept of free price. Each person can decide by himself, in his soul and conscience and according to his resources, what price to give to what he acquires. To help set a price in knowledge here are some figures concerning our costs (prices are in Swiss Francs, which is almost the same as the Euro). The shipping costs are not included and are between 2 and 20 .- depending on the weight of what is ordered and if it is for Switzerland or abroad.

Epectase Stickers Zine “write to prisoners”Book “InterrogationChildfree
5.- the number10 cents per sticker1.5.- the number4.-5.-

Economic model

The “Projet-Evasions” is a non-commercial initiative. No one active in the project receives anything equivalent to a salary and when there is a profit, we use it to go on trips and buy drugs finance our future projects. We are lucky enough to work with a printing company which lowers our production costs considerably.

Incoming money : payment of our creations at free price / various donations from individuals, political and cultural groups.

Expenses: payment of printing and material, shipping, customs fees (we send most of our creations from Switzerland)