In the beginning, this project was an individual initiative. However, many different people have contributed and continue to contribute in one way or another. That’s why it is sometimes written as “I” and sometimes as “we” or “us“. It’s a bit fuzzy. But if you like what we’re doing and you want to participate, here are some ways you can contribute:

Translation – proofreading

It is always frustrating to see language barriers impose themselves on the circulation of radical and emancipatory ideas and content. To overcome this, we translate all our contributions into three languages (French-German-English) but it’s always nice to reach out to other language areas. Except that translation is a big pain in the ass, so we’re always happy to lend a hand.

The same goes for all proofreading and correction work. If words, sentence alignment and lexical fields make you tripping, then knock on our door.

Illustration – layout

Do you draw, paint or take photos? Do you like to illustrate documents or lay out books? Great, maybe we’ll have a juicy project for you.


There are two regular projects where external contributions and testimonials are always welcome:

  • the erotic magazine Epectase
  • The Stickers Offensive

But maybe you’re writing about a particular subject, documenting a struggle, researching something exciting, or maybe you have an idea in your head that’s just waiting to be realized? In that case write to us. If you do, it could be the beginning of an exciting collaboration with a complicity.


Disseminating subversive ideas without transforming our publications into products and without resorting to big capitalist companies (some call them social media) is no easy task. It is essentially based on a network of relationships that are being created around the world and people who love what The Projet Evasions does and want to spread it in their channels. If this is your case, then we’ll get along well. And maybe you even have printing plans and we could set up a local printing of our productions in many places too far away from home to easily bring our books and magazines. Of course, we’re also always very happy to be relayed on the worldwide Internet

Through our activities we also build a distribution network more and more wide and we also like to distribute our friends’ content.


How is it that any small Christian parish in the countryside can produce a monthly magazine with a circulation of several thousand copies and that we have a hard time printing more than a few hundred copies of our publications full of overly stylish ideas? Oh yes, because the churches have money and we don’t. Is there a link with the difficulty of promoting anarchist and emancipatory ideas? Probably.
In short, you understood it, if you have some extra money and you wish to share it with us, just write us.

Of course, if you have an idea for collaboration outside of the above mentioned frameworks, that’s great too.

Our contact address ; Evasions[at]