The Projet Evasions is a mix between a (self)publishing project and a distribution network.

It starts from a desire to create anarchist content to spread ideas that encourage us to break away from all forms of authority.
The Projet Evasions is above all a project of social agitation.

It is an initiative started in Switzerland, but without being attached to its borders. It is a project that seeks not to remain imprisoned in a single linguistic zone but to travel freely through contributions, translations and interhuman links.
At the beginning it was an individual initiative, although soon many different people contributed and continue to contribute in one way or another. This is why it is sometimes written as “I” and sometimes as “we” or “us“. It’s a bit fuzzy and informal.

In other words; we publish projects that we like 🙂

The Projet Evasions is made possible thanks to many other great non-commercial projects to which we pass on a big thank you!

  • to the people who develop the TAILS operating system
  • to the birds of Riseup for their excellent mail service
  • to the opensource community of Scribus and Gimp
  • to the collective that manages the blackblogs
  • to Systemausfall for their hosting
  • to the Phoenix Collective Printing Company for their support
  • and to all those who contribute by translating, proofreading, illustrating and playtesting.