Epectase #7 queer communities in Morocco

At the end of April, the Epectase project was invited to the intersecting queer-feminist festival Idn’taalin in Morocco. It was an opportunity to meet some of the small but growing and impressive queer-feminist community in Morocco and to build friendships and complicity. This seventh edition of Epectase magazine emanates from the context of the Idn’taalin festival and is produced as a tribute to all those incredible people struggling to create spaces of freedom and emancipation in a highly hostile and repressive context.

Epectase was born from a desire to bring together various approaches, reflections and visions around eroticism. A wild eroticism that does not allow itself to be enclosed in norms, labels or moral judgements. An eroticism that seeks to emancipate itself from oppressive patterns and positions of authority.

The magazine is participatory and is published every 6 months. You can send your contributions in any form. All formats and languages are accepted. The next deadline is


This is a multilingual project. Until now, the original languages were published in the print version and the translations posted on the website. Unfortunately for this edition, we didn’t have the capacity to translate everything.

This is not a game

by Reddad