Stickers offensive

My friends and I love stickers. Making them and sticking. Sometimes we even go for a walk in the neighborhood just to fill the public space with our colorful stickers. We see it as a way to make our messages, our anger, our desires visible. To let ideas circulate freely and decentrally. In short, we love stickers.So together we designed a selection of stickers that we printed in large quantities (cheers to the printer collective) to send by mail to those who feel touched and inspired by the messages.

Below you’ll find a presentation and the context content of each creation. And if you like them, don’t hesitate to use the good old word of mouth to pass them on to your friends. And if you want to join the next sticker offensive, you can contact us here: evasions[at]


How many people have learned through the work world to hate Mondays? A lot. Too many.How many people have learned to love Sundays for the same reasons? Too many. Far too many.Let’s fight capitalism, not Mondays 😉


On April 19, 1943, the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising began. It is both an important moment of the Shoah and a symbol of the struggle against Nazism.Thousands of people, living in extremely precarious conditions, organized themselves and stood up to fascism.Today, 78 years later, this sticker is a tribute to all the insurgents of the ghetto and to all those who still suffer from anti-Semitism today.


With this ironic question, I seek to deconstruct the heteronormative, phallocentric and penetrocentric vision that society imposes on our sexuality as well as the gender stereotypes that lead to toxic behavior.


Because sexual violence is one of the many forms of domination in a capitalist, patriarchal system maintained by men who rape us, kill us, silence us, mock us, assault us, diminish us, make us feel guilty, make us feel insecure, all the while presenting themselves as being untouchable.Because it is time to show them that they are not. Because being calm, standing back, not making waves, keeping quiet, forgiving, crying in silence will no longer be our only way of reacting. Because in addition to understanding that they are not untouchable, it is time for men to be afraid of our reprisals.Are you afraid? You should be. You clutter our lives, fear the consequences.


I thought we had already said everything about the dairy industry. However, there are still people today who think that cows produce milk naturally all the time. Or that milking relieves the cows and that we are therefore doing them good. FALSE!The cow produces milk, yes! But for her young and not for us humans! During its sad and short existence, the cow is inseminated every 12 months or so to stimulate milk production. Pushed to hyperproductivity even during pregnancy and separated from her calf as soon as she is born. This milk that you drink has the taste of mistreatment and suffering.


I am not a woman. I am not a man.

In fact, I would like to be whoever I want to be, just me and that people stop assuming and assigning gender to me because of my appearance.


The message of this sticker is enough by itself, right? It comes from our erotic project”EPECTASE“.
And here I take the opportunity to make a publicity stunt for the 500k campaign which raises funds to pay the legal costs following the repression of a counter-demonstration against nazis in Basel in 2018


Only in French

Everyone knows how to draw a penis, but what about a clitoris?The idea of making this sticker is part of a personal process of reappropriation but also and especially in a dynamic of visibilization of the clitoris.When we think that we had to wait until 1998 to know the complete anatomy of it. It would be high time to be more interested in it !


Only in French

To express the anger of transgender, non-binary and allied people following the publication of the transphobic video “TOC! Une euphorie de genres” on March 15, 2021 on Youtube and Facebook accounts of the newspaper “Le Temps”.

To denounce the ignorant, violent, transphobic and enbyphobic discourse conveyed by the video with its dangerous potential for LGBTQIAP+ communities already stigmatized, psychiatrized and pathologized.


Only in French

In late January, @Melusine_2’s Twitter account was suspended after posting, “How do we get men to stop raping? “. Many activists relayed the question in support on different social networks. A wave of suspensions and threats of account deletion followed. The debates then turned to the question of censorship of the concerned platforms and underlined the fact that the question is inaudible for some. However, there really is something to wonder about.


Only in French

At the beginning of February, a teacher at a college in the small Swiss town of Fribourg reproached a student for not wearing a bra. This was the spark, provoking a wave of several hundred testimonies collected by the women’s strike collective under the #balancetonprof. These testimonies describe sexist remarks, physical aggressions, voyeurism and even rapes in different schools in Fribourg.As usual, the authorities in place are blowing smoke to save their face and their place. These stickers are a contribution to maintain the pressure created by this wave of protest and to spread it further, to fight the patriarchy in schools.


Only in French

4 years after the murder of Hervé Bondembe Mandundu, after one and a half days of trial, the criminal court of the Tribunal d’arrondissement de l’Est vaudois gave its verdict. Hervé’s assassin was acquitted and compensated with 35’000 CHF by the Swiss State. A report analyzing the functioning of this racist justice can be read here.To Hervé Bondembe Mandundu, Mike Ben Peter, Lamin Fatty, Nicolas Manikakis and all the other victims of the racist police institution.


Only in German


In our lives, control accompanies us every day. Here a camera, there a police post, a patrol car or two cops on bicycles. But everyday control also occurs in other, less obvious forms. Every aspect of life is increasingly registered and recorded. We carry our very own personal trackers, tracking device and surveillance camera. Every purchase we make without cash is traceable, almost every single step is traceable. We have to be identifiable at all times and carry our IDs on us. We are only allowed to cross borders with permission.But that’s not nearly enough for them. Control is being extended further and further: The loi sécurité globale in France, the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill in England, the Police Measures Act in Switzerland and the external borders of Europe, which are becoming more and more militarized. Murdering police officers continue to be protected. Any resistance on the streets is criminalized, everyone becomes a danger, refugees are systematically humiliated and murdered.

Any attempt to resist this control is punished with violence. Fences, water cannons, handcuffs, batons, tear gas, rubber shot, house searches, jails, pre-trial detention, deportation detention, push-backs.But their violence is not only directed against our bodies, it begins in the mind. The belief in the state that they instill in us allready in school. The belief that we have to work and be productive to be worth anything. The constant fear of losing our job, of being marginalized, of not being enough for this society and falling out. The permanent paranoia of police officers, prosecutors and judges.

But also the resistance begins in the head. It cannot and will never be prevented that we meet with our friends, that we are not satisfied, that we want freedom instead of security and control!