Solidarity with the anarchists in struggle in Ukraine

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Since the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, an anarchist network of mutual aid and struggles has been set up on the ground with support throughout the world. Faced with the race for power and the war between nation-states, this network offers an emancipatory queer-feminist and anti-racist response. Here we want to relay their efforts as well as ways to support them. In addition we have created a poster calling for solidarity, which you can order for free.

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They also publish daily reports of their activities and the situation on the spot. Operation-solidarity is active on the ground in the resistance against the Russian invasion, in the care, in the creation of a network of relays for people fleeing Ukraine and the extremely racist context at the borders with Ukraine.

Indeed, despite the hypocritical speech of the European states on the opening of the borders, the situation of the racialized people trying to flee from Ukraine is very dangerous. They are confronted with a racist but also fascist customs/border police from Poland. For example, 200 racialized people protested collectively and finally managed to cross the Ukrainian-Polish border after 2 days. The border guards tried to stop them and block their way with vehicles but they were stronger. (source 1 / 2).

For more information the theme of borders see:

Meanwhile, in Russia…

Protests in Russia against the war were large and took place in many cities, including a strong feminist mobilization.

… and around the world

All over the world, many actions of support and gesture of solidarity with the people in Ukraine are taking place. See for example the call of the Zapatistas to support anarchist groups and Ukrainian and Russian people who are resisting war and nation states.

Finally find more analytical articles on the war in Ukraine and the role of anarchists and other emancipatory movements look at

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