Some news about the TACEO game

In November 2020 we released Taceo – a game against the police. In almost a year, the 300 printed copies have been distributed throughout Central Europe, mostly at free prices. A self-printing PDF version has also been made available.

To date, all games have been sold out except for a few copies still available by our friends from Black-Mosquito.

TACEO is a pico-game; a short game with a simple mechanism. One person draws a card and either describes what’s on it, or invents a content. The other person has to find out if the description actually matches the picture on the drawn card or if it is a lie. The idea of creating this game came from the desire to create an educational and fun tool with which to convey a simple idea: to protect yourself from the police in an interrogation, it is better to keep silent than to try to lie. The game is there to demonstrate the risk of using lies as a defense strategy.

During the year, we received some very relevant feedbacks about the mechanics, the instructions, and the whole game design aspect. The latest one is the excellent critical feedback on the podcast of the groupe “la Cellule”.

All this give us the motivation to create a second version of the game and make a new print of it. Expected release date: early 2022. To be kept informed of its release, you can subscribe to our newsletter by sending us an email at evasions[at]

Like all our productions, the game will be available again in French-German-English. We are also looking for people interested in translating it into other languages. If you are interested, please contact us.