Stickers Offensive #2

6 months ago we launched our first sticker offensive. A dozen different stickers, where created by several friends and distributed at free price throughout Switzerland and Europe.

We are very motivated by the success of this first offensive. More than 7’000 stickers have been distributed, some of them needed to be reprinted and we almost paid back our costs without having to impose a fixed price.
With these stickers we want to create visibility for our ideas and our struggles by reappropriating a small part of the public space. But we also want to contribute to creating bridges between different emancipatory fights. This is still unfortunately too rare.

If you also like to create stickers and want to participate in the next offensive, you can contact us by mail at evasions[at]

We take advantage of this moment to also launch a call for donations for our publishing-distribution network, the Projet-Evasions. In order to finance our upcoming book project on police interrogations and how to defend oneself from them (released in early 2022). If you know of any political or cultural structures that have funds to support this kind of project, please let us know.

Below, a presentation and context of each creation.

fuck your homophobia

par @pakgaystani

fuck *all* your homophobia

don’t need ur dawah

par @pakgaystani

“don’t need ur dawah” – the culture of spirituality and religion often perpetuates a culture of judgement and violation, offering spiritual and moral “advice” based on beliefs that are assumed to be universally accepted. only this advice – dawah – is merely a thinly veiled excuse for one to condescend another under the guise of righteousness. try to save my soul, i’ll tell you to fuck off.

Black Block Friday

What if Black Friday, that huge celebration of capitalism and consumerism, became Black Block Friday? A What if Black Friday, that huge celebration of capitalism and consumerism, became Black Block Friday? A magical day during which the shining noise of broken luxury store windows would mingle with the laughter of children out playing in car-free streets and the smell of street kitchens offering huge free meals with food looted from supermarkets. A vision of a future more ecological than any advertising illusion of sustainable development.

Corona (DE / FR)

The Covid certificate is a continuation of the state’s blatant intrusions and accesses into our lives, just like the recent Terrorism Act (PMT). The control by QR codes accompany the accustoming to the digitalization of our lives and the all-encompassing and constant surveillance progress. 

At the same time, the extreme right took advantage of the discontent of part of the population to regain a dominant position on the streets. Hitler salutes, racist attacks and the spread of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories are part of the sad everyday life of Anti-Covid measures demonstrations.

It is high time to react, to take away the place of reactionary movements and to create space for our own radical criticism of the control and authority of the state.


Gender does not exist. Gender is a social construct. It is certainly the longest and most exhausting performance of our life.

Gender Nightmare

This sticker was originally produced for issue 3 of the magazine Epectase. It is directly inspired by the text of the same name written by Baedan, a queer nihilist magazine. The text defends the need to break with a world in which people are locked into gender categories. It is available at


No – means no Maybe,

I don’t know – no again

Neither yes nor no – let`s assume that it`s a no too

Yes – let’s have fun (but I still have the right to change my mind)

It’s not very complicated to understand, is it?

Nzoy (FR)

The list of racist murder by the Swiss police is sadly growing. On Monday, August 30, 2021, a police officer murdered Nzoy, a 37-year-old black Swiss man, in the middle of Morges train station. Nothing other than the abolition of the police institution will prevent the police from continuing to kill. 

Never forget, never forgive

Go vegan

“Why are you vegan? Why are you doing this to yourself?” 

That’s what I get asked most of the time. To this I want to answer: Why do you eat meat? Why do you accept and participate in the exploitation and suffering of animals for your own pleasure and amusement?


Who owns the space?

The latest “SlapMeBaby” sticker magazine revolves around this question; Who shapes public space? Who decides about it? What does it do to us? Are stickers also a form of co-designing and appropriating of the public space?

During a reading break I walked through this space and on my way I saw, among others, a “HELLO, my name is” sticker with a more or less beautiful tag on it.At home, I checked my mails and, out of nowhere, I recived a request from the dear people from the Projet-Evasions. The idea for this sticker was born: A mockup of an object in the public space to beautify yourself.

For a long time, I couldn’t decide whether I preferred to use a billboard or a power box as a background. Power boxes are THE place to put stickers, paste-ups, tags or whatever, but I finally decided to go with billboards, because they are a clear symbol for the capitalistic view of public space:
Space, in this sense, is only for getting from one location of exploitation to the next. From work to the mall, maybe to a bar. And oh how great, this path can also be used at the same time to advertise the newest, best, most attractive, cheapest things. Not a moment must be left unexploited. Not a second of peace. 
Uh, but dont you dare take this peace, take the space where it is not allowed(allowed by whom? doesn’t the public space belong to everyone?) The evictors in uniform are quickly at hand.

But what kind of space do we want?
I want a space in which ALL can move as they want. In which everyone feels comfortable. Regardless of gender, sexual orientation, residency status, skin color, age, class or any other categorization. I want a space that can be designed, changed and reinvented by all of us. I want a space that is for exchange, whether it happens through pictures, texts, and doodles on walls or over a glass of wine or a cup of tea on the sidewalk. 
I want a space that we create. Not one that they manage.

With that in mind, use the stickers as I intended and write or draw something on them. Or use them in a completely different way, I don`t command you anyway.